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"The dogs we love"

"Until one has loved an animal,a part of one's soul remained unwaked"                ( Anatole  France )                            

This site is dedicated to our precious friends who have enriched our lifes for so many various breeds and shapes...all so different...all the same...Special beings from Heaven, lent to us by God to love us unconditionnaly.I would like to share with you the story of their lifes as members of our family...I will not write about their breeds ,nor will I write as a formed judge for Hounds or former Secretary of a Romanian Departamental Kennel Club.I will simply write about them as "special beings"who were part of our lifes and will be part of our lifes forever.

Please,visit our site,read their stories and then take a moment to think about visiting the nearest animal shelter to open your heart and home to a needy pet.You will be awarded with joy and love.Thank you...and...would you,please,sign our "Guestbook"? Adorable Dogs

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