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"Sir" Toto

Who could resist such a cute little face ! Isn't he the sweetest dog in the world ? No. It is not.Your dog is the best and the most of everything you want to consider - beauty, that's the way it should be.I do not mind...because for us,our dogs were the most and the best....This is little Toto at 9 weeks....Ira being gone and Rita being old and ailing,we've been thinking that Aiki would find herselve alone pretty soon...we got another Cavalier simply because there were no other Pugs and because Aiki and Ira got along very well.When I brought Toto home, Aiki chased him and barked at him a lot,but when she realised that her bowl was not "invaded" she calmed down.For a couple of days she ignored him,completely.Rita was more "cool".She didn't spend too much energy checking the new commer.For her everything was OK as long as she was with us and nobody touched her bed.Toto learned very quickly the "policies" of our household and he was imitating Aiki,as she became his "Guru"....with one exception...He never begged for food or for treats.He was just sitting quietly behind her,looking at us to see how you will react to her "demands",because he knew that if she gets sometingh he will get it too...So, why bother to annoy people?In the summer of 1990 ( Toto was 6 months onld,Rita around 10 years old, Aiki was 4) we left Romania.Three people and three dogs.We've been in Switzerland for three years then we came to Canada.What's so unusual ??To take your pets with you wherever you have to move ?! That's so least for us...We couldn't even think about abandoning them...That would have been a really "criminal" though...

Life went on for all of us...We just got a new "little train" Aiki/Toto...and that was it.From now on we have onle few pictures with Toto alone,because we couldn't separate him from Aiki,for too long. Here they are,in our room at the Red Cross camp in Lausanne,napping after lanch.In 1991 we moved in an appartment and went on,every day with its own story...three pairs of dark shinny eyes watching you all the time, three big mouthes,two of them barking quite a lot and lots of paws jumping on you,hugging you....When I think back i wander if we as humans deserve to be fully trusted by an animal ! These beings accept their fate,most of the time,silently.Is there an inner feeling,a special instinct which tell them " It's OK. Be happy, you are in good hands !" I hope so.                Here he is,in our kitchen in Lausanne watching the street whil waiting for his meal.He loved looking through the window and barking each time he saw a dog.Sounding the " alarm".Then...Aiki would come,from wherever she was sleeping and join the "spying" process,until their bowls were full with food.You see,he playind freely around the "big nanny ".We never ever had any problem whatsoever with Rita as a Borzoi and the little ones.I think it's just a matter of that inner feeling they devellop about their own status in the family and their own security.Those were good times for all of us,although we did have problems to solve,but we were all together ; my mother, my daughter,our dogs and me.          I really regret that we didn't took that doll when we came to Canada.but, don't worry,he got other toys.In march 1992,our dear,sweet,"Krasivaia" left us.The little ones were so quiet and almost "confused" for a while.they didn't quite play in the same way,and kept sniffing a lot around Rita's bed.Anyways,as we were about to move to Canada,we had lots of things to do,lots of papers,luggage,dog carriers...because " the bandits", "the pirates'," the train",whatever nickname you can imagine...were comming with us....First to Hamilton for one year then to Toronto ever since...In our appartments they slept with me,but they have to have their place in the kitchen and in all the other rooms they had to get confortable first,then us....if there were any free place left  Here they are,Aiki and Toto in my kitchen in Hamilton.Both the same,playfull,noisy,cute,smart,  loving,"soulmates".Because Aiki was older and slower,and kind of lazzy,we didn't "exercise" them too much...I didn't know at that time,that this lack of exercise will prolonge his life...Here he is taking his afternoon nap in our first appartment in Toronto.Last December (2000) we discovered that he had that Mitral Valve disease which affects his breed so cruelly...We tryed with him all possible treatments and for a while he was responding very well for an 11 years old sick doggy...until January 20,2001 when Aiki passed away...He was looking for her everywhere,then looking at us like wandering why she isn't there,where did she go without him.When I entered the front door he came and looked behind me...then...after 2-3 weeks of waiting his health started deteriorating rapidely...My mother who was alone at home with him when my daughter was at school and I was at work,she tryed to confort hime, sung to him, told him stories, talked to him...but nothing more could be done...He could find any reason to fight anymore...because Aiki wasn't there...I don't know if he know that she was at a small urne....So,he went over the Rainbow an March 14,2001...he was laying in my bed in Aiki's place ...                                                   This picture was taken in January 2001.   Who would have thought that is was supposed to be their last...Shall I tell you the pain and the feeling of emptyness we went through...loosing them both in two felt that both of them vanished...just like the thin air.My mother was devasteted.Alone,all day,at home...without those "little bugs" wondering around...thinking about how much Toto must have suffered not only physically but in his soul when he realised that Aiki was gone...She suffered for him so much. Could you imagine her anxiety when we had to wait one month to have his ashes returned,because our former vet kept his little body for one months in his fridge !!??My mother was not only an old person, but also suffering from depression after so much struggle in her life,she never forgave that vet.She could accept the ideea that one has no respect for the pain a family is going through after loosing both their dogs in 2 months. But please,keep reading the other chapters and visit the Album. Toto's "official" name was : VICKY de ATHENIA...

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