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  "Krasivaia" Rita

As we were the only "owners" of a Pug in our department,we decided to go to Dogshows...My mother,my daughter ,me and Aiki used to spend most of the weekends,especially during the Summer,going with our friends from the Kennel Club to have fun participating in all sorts of "competitions' or simply enjoying the shows.Of course,Aiki won lots of trophies because she was,at that time,the only Pug...One day,just before leaving the stade where the show took place,my mother pointed toward something lying on the ground and she wasn't sure if it was a piece of fur or an animal.It was...the shadow of a dog....a living and bones...a Borzoi....Apparently some guys from another Club wanted to sell her...because she couldn't reproduce...they just found her !!!! and tryed to make her have puppies....So, if she couldn't then...she doesn't deserve more than a piece of dryed bred...just to keep her alive..until some nuts people would take her.Well...God works in misterious ways....My mother was there...This happened in the early Summer of 1989.At that time,e already had Aiki and Ira...And we took her..."for a while".We didn't know that " that little while' will last until March 1992 when she went over the rainbow....The first thing she did when she entered in our appartment( after a trip by train with us and the other two little fellows,returning from the Dogshow) she just stopped in the middle of the hallway and waited.She didn't move until I called her in the kitchen to feed the "pack".She was so shy,so quiet,so calm at home. She never ever bugged the little ones or anybody else.She barked very rarely.But...she got very strict and '"serious" when Aiki or Ira barked too much.Then she used to chase them,a bit, not too much because she had arthritis.The photo above shows you how she looked in September 1989.Can you imagine how she looked in June 1989??? Well,when we realised that we are going to be her only possible family,we promised her that nowbody will ever harm her again and that she will never again be adandonned.We kept our promises.When we left Romania,we were three human beings and three canine beings.Of corse she was old...she was sick ( ovarian cancer) and we knew that she will not be with us for too long.But,we tryed to make her last years enjoyable.She had all our love and she gave us her own. She used to follow the little ones to great me when I returned home from my office,she waited for them to be first in line for kisses,then she use to,rather climb up on me instead of jumping.Sometimes she touched my forehead with her cold nose and looked deeply into my eyes as if she wanted to tell me how much she loved me.One morning,in March 1992,she came to my bed and touched my forehead.It was about 6am,then she went on the balcony and came back to her bed,next to mine.I heard a howl and then ..Silence.She was gone.Just like that...We were in Lausanne at that time...her ashes are with us.An wonderful creature...humble...quiet...obedient,without any trainig from us.She learned how our family functions in a couple of minutes.As i said in the other pages,in our home the dogs were allowed everywhere and she loved to sleep in my bed.So did I.You can see her in the picture to the left.Compare to the 1989 photo..Here you can see my daughter,Georgiana taking Rita for a walk and a play in a field,in Switzerland.Georgiana was so found of Rita.not only because she,as a little girl could mannage to "control" a big dog,but mostly because she knew how much this poor soul has suffered and because Georgiana simply,loves she is,in Romania ,with Ira,Aiki and Rita on the hills close to our town .And here's me with "Maia Krasivaia" Rita ( my beautiful - in Russian - Borzoi is Russian,isn't it ?).She was sent to us...she was called back...I hope that one day...they will all be waiting for me...Each time I learn about an abandonned dog,or an abused one,I cannot stop thanking God for the Mercy He had sending us those wonderful beings to live with us in respect and loving care ,like real family.I miss her deeply.We miss them all.But as life must go on,there so many dogs who need help.And in their loving memory,my daughter and I decided to keep " the flamme" alive.There will always be dogs in our lives.                                                                          This armchair was the most envied place in Lausanne.Simply because I watched TV sitting it was " empty"..there was kind of a competition...who gets firts on "mammy's armchair".She always won.Why ?I let you guess...I add a picture which my daughter loves the most..hugging Rita in front of our appartment building in Romania...As time goes by, I understand that,no matter how many dogs there will be in our life,each and everyone will have a special place in our thoughts and heart...and in the same time...there is an "universal dog spirit" present in all of them, regardless of their size or breed...There is a misterious and invisible spiritual energy which emanates from their being and creates this strong and, maybe strange,bond between (some of ) us and dogs...This is one of resons I gave up "judging"...I cannot look at a dog and say: OK...the angle of your joints is an so...or,your coat is darker then the standard....That seemed absurd for me...lets have agility,Winter games,Summer's much more fun and healthier...

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