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Welcome...Bibi !

We found "Princess" through a local organisation "Adopt-a-dog-Save-a-Life" in Toronto.The first two-three days she was very shy and quiet.Of corse she investigated the entire place,taking her time to sniff  everything.She felt very unsecure when we went out ,until she realised that after having a walk we get back home.She adjusted right away to the cooked food and she finally dared to come and sleep in my beb. She was completely housebrocken and we had some difficulties make her understand that the paper on the balcony is OK too....She has lots of stuffed animals to play with.But what is sometimes "annoying" is her deep dislike for other dogs...She adores soon as she sees a cat she starts " melting"...she has to show to every cat in the neibourhood how she slides on her belly,how she rolls over...maybe one day we'll have to get a real cat as companion for her...As soon as we'll have more pictures we'll poste them on her page..

  Why "BIBI"? Well...because she wasn't paying too much attention to "Princess",she is very a "really hot cilli peper", a bouncing little furry we found that BIBI fits her better...

Come visit again...we'll have new pictures very soon...

Thank you all very much for reading our doggies' stories and please do remember that there is a shelter,somewhere close to you where a little being in need is waiting and hoping that someone will offer him/her a better life...For now we leave you...Please do sign our Guestbook and if you would like to learn more about us please visit our site at :
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