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 In the Beginning

My daughter Georgiana,my mother Emilia with our dogs,Rita the Borzoi,Toto the Cavalier
King Charles and Aiki, the Pug, in 1990 in The Red Cross Camp in Lausanne,Switzerland.

Once upon a time,in a little house in the Old Bucharest there was a little girl who had a little dog.Somehow,that little dog got very very sick and,as there were not too many options by 1930,the grown-up people decided to..shot that little fellow...far from home...but close enough for the sound of the firearm to remained engraved,forever,in that little girl's memory.That little girl was my mother,Emilia Dana.She grew up not only develloping an extrordinary artistic nature but also a profound compassion and respect for every form of life.

     As time went by, here I am...with those special genes inherited from my parents...passion for animals...most especially for dogs...Don't worry...I passed it to my daughter Georgiana.Irronicaly,the only pets we had until I was about 20 years old,were cats.I had lots...because my parents being actors in a State Theatre,they had to tour the country a lot,I followed them everywhere,and I cat was easier to carry with us.But one day I decided to get a dog...and my mother was very upset...she almost didn't agree...I couldn't understand then...I do now...!That deep pain has been reactivated.But... one evening,returning from Bucharest I carried something very "special" in a shoebox...a puppy.My parents first reaction was panic..The next day thougRED,our Irish Setter became the "master of the house ".The only living being who mannaged to impose some "respect"to Red was our Tommy cat Tzutzu....This  how our little cat looked like.I rescued hime from the sewage system,almost dead...Of course,when one looks at photographs with animals,one probable can only say :
How nice, how cute.."Of corse we care about animals,we suffer when when how much they endure sometimes from fellow humans...but one cannot feel the same,or remember exactly everything I did or lived or felt the moment when I took these pictures.When we look in our albums,it's like the time comes back for a little while and we can almost hug those whom we loved so much and who loved us too..These B/W photos have been taken in the Seventies.In our backyard in an wonderful little town,up in the Bucegi Mountains
in Romania where we had our home.That house has been demolished....anyways...

This is my father playing with Red.Red was like a little "baby' for him,although an Irish Setter does have some "energy"..They loved each other very much.My facther checked the backyard every time Red was allowed outside...because we were afraid of poison.... This is me playing with the "torpedo"...chasing one another and taking  a"snowbath ".                        

When we moved,before the birth of my daughter,both Red and Tzutzu came with us,in a new town,a new place to live,an appartment this more

more worries about checking to have the pets safe.Red was 3 years old when my daughter was born.In our household, animals are allowed everywhere,without any restriction.Our dogs and cats were part of the family.So, Mr.Red decided to sleep on my bed,nest to my daughter's bed over the night and to spend his days,following her everywhere...They even shared Red's treats....because his treats were bagels. By the "time of Red" we had so many things happening in our


My daughter's first school years. Her first concerts and prizes,her preparation for music competitions...Time went by very fast and one morning my mother woke me up to see why Red is not moving...He was gone...Just like his sleep...He was 11 years old.Such an wonderful soul.Full of energy and playfulness.He greated everyone coming to visit us with such an imense joy that one could have said that he belonged to everybody.I was thanksfull to both,Red and Tzutzu for being with us during my daughter's childhood.She grew up with animals and she learned by herself ,from her own interaction with them, to love,to care,to respect and to protect. So,after more than ten years there were no pets in our family.Just the three of us : my mother,my daughter and me,and we thought that's the way from now on...We were so wrong....

   I wrote this website about dogs,to honour her memory .She wanted for longtime to write her memoires and her thoughts about her life experience in general,her 25 years on stage, about the people she met,about our dogs...but...she went over The Rainbow,before achieving her literary dream.

One year and a half have pasted since our place became "petless"...and I was thinking about getting a little animal,because I wanted to keep my daughter in "direct" touch with the animal world.We tryed with some cats,but it didn't work because our appartment was at the 5th floor,because the cats couldn.t go our freely,and because spaying was not (yet)affordable and there were very few veterinarian clinics day I went to our local "Dogowners'Association"to try to find a Puddle ( just because of the size...) That day changed our a quite significant way....we got a Pug....a Cavalier King Charles...a Borzoi...and another Cavalier...

I ended up working at The Association...almost became a judge for Hounds...and much more...keep reading....

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